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Old Town

rentalsOld Town 
Tradition and technology have had a long andcomfortable marriage at Old Town. In 1898 we built our first wood-and-canvas canoe, a more durable, lower maintenance improvement on the Native American birch bark canoe that was its inspiration. The same spirit of innovation has continued into the 21st century, as we continually strive to advance the art of paddling through better designs and lighter and more durable materials.
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Ocean Kayak Ocean Kayak
At Ocean Kayak, we didn't invent Ocean Kayakthe original sit-on-top kayak. We just perfected it. Innovation has been our mission since we launched our first sit-on-top in 1971. As a result of our 35 years of effort, today's sit-on-tops are safer, more durable and much more enjoyable.
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The World Is A Water Park, And Since 1950 We've Made The Best Rides. We've surfed. We've sailed. And to each sport, we've brought flat-out, live-fast, have-fun, adventure. All of which is precisely what you get with each of our models of Hobie Kayaks. Of course, we've also brought something brilliantly new to the sport of kayaking: Pedals.
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